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Janice, you absolutely blow me away.

Awesome writer.

Awesome actress.

Awesome person.

Did I write awesome enough?


The video has me a tad verklempt...

Holy shit, girl. You f'ing rock. Your impressions were just how I imagined them in the book, the voices, the hair, the cigarettes...I'm amazed. Then again, I shouldn't be. After reading the books, I never expected anything less. Cheers.

I failed to mention that I, the emotional 'tard of 'tards, actually got a little choked up at the end. And I don't even KNOW you. I need a moment. I'm just...so...proud!

There's only one other person who can do it all -- and that's Barbra.

um.....i smell a one woman show. Obie nomination anyone? kick ass!

You ROCK!! Haha...that was great!! Seriously a one woman show is needed on like prime time tv lol. That was just too perfect! Good Job J!! (Do more....blog this way from now on ;)

I don't know if you realized but I linked to this in my blog. How could I not being the advocate for nepotism that I am? I am going to send an email to those I know don't read my blog to make sure that they check it out as well. What a brilliant concept and so well executed I don't know what to think.

You make it brilliant . . . with a little help from all those other people we get to see in the making of. Including poor on the cutting floor Bill.

I have, however, learned that contrary to what I have heard, one cannot die from too much cuteness. And there is no such thing as cuteness overload. Otherwise I would be dead. Or loaded. And frankly, all I am is tired.

Ooh, I like this. I have read both of your books and found your story intriguing. You must have had sooooo much fun putting this trailer together.

That was amazing!

Awesome! I never got around to emailing you about how much I loved the book, but of course, I did. I was kind of cheering you on the whole time, knowing from the get that she was full of shit, but hoping for you she wasn't. Sorry that it came out the way it did.

But this trailer is awesome! Love it!

Janice, this is so great!

Oh, and how funny to hear a cover of "Laisse Tomber les Filles" on the behind-the-scenes clip!


Wow! That's incredible. Bill, I think Babs is going to have to move over. Janice is like butta!

You are amazing. Simply amazing. What a great job. And I agree that you have another career for yourself in acting...

Thanks for the great feedback! I...I'm not worthy! Truly, it's an honor just to be nominated! I AM BIG, IT'S THE PICTURES THAT GOT SMALL! Oh, wait, sorry. It all just went to my head for a second there.

This is HILARIOUS! I love it.

So Lance turns to me yesterday, out of the blue, and says "Did you see that crazy book trailer Girlbomb did for Have You Found Her? That shit was awesome!" and I said "Yeah, I'VE seen it, and YEAH, it's awesome, I just didn't think you would have seen it," (meaning, you know, without me saying "Look look look!" And he said, "I go to her site once in a while. I like Girlbomb. Your author crush is pretty rad." OH yeah.

Wowowow, really great trailer!!

Just finished the book & came over here. Love this!!

That rocked the Casbah!

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