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I don't think I'd describe you as the dud of the booth. You were fine. The thing is, the other fellow was a well-known shrink, and I was on the program, speaking to lots of people. And you were new there.

Get every engagement like that you can . . .


"...there was always an ashtray with a joint right next to it in the computer..."

Misquote? Libel lawsuit? Who puts the joint next to the ashtray, in the computer? Either the pot works too well, and therefore no writing gets done, or the Post is living up to its typical yellow journalistic standards. :-)

Oh, and congrats, and nice picture, and yes, that may just be the girliest drink I've ever heard of.

Hey Janice. I don't know if I it is because our a/c is out and it is over 90F inside or if it is lack of sleep or what but reading your post is both exciting and exhausting. Emotionally, you say so much by implication. I am proud and in awe and inspired and so much more. Or I would be, if it were not so hot and I were not so tired.

I know what you mean, I work at a crisis center and feel that I always have fun, with coworkers and clients! (I guess you know you're doing a good job then!) I will see you at On the rise on Sept 17th!

I'm really sorry about your friend.

Cool article in the Post!

Now, on to PR...
In the spirit of Suede: Ashley is not impressed.

Didn't you like it just a little tiny bit in episode 1 when Jerry got his comeuppance? And why am I sorta kinda pulling for Joe? Egads.

I'm excited you were around John Elder Robison, his book is on my reading list :) !! You sound so busy woman! But it's all worth it, you make so many people happy with your wonderful writing :) <3

Love the picture in the post! You are a looker.
And oh so quotable. The drink sounds kinda gross though.

I've been thinking about Judgecal. I remember him as Cal. God was he hot. I can picture him in Washington Square Park and at clubs. Ah...the drugs didn't totally kill my memory. What a fucking loss.

Let's do lunch. Call me. (god that sounds awful)

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