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I have a question for you . . . You recommend How to Write a Book Proposal by Eric Maisel. Any recommendation for non-non-fiction writers? I am meeting with someone who is writing a novel and I was about to recommend Maisel's book when the "duh" factor kicked in and I realized that I don't know what book, if any, I could recommend.

But I know you so maybe you can recommend something.

I’m just writing for the sake of writing, for the sake of getting the story out of my head and onto the page. It feels strange, for someone as goal-oriented and deadline-driven as I am, to have no goals and no deadlines for my next book, but all right. My goal is to write something great. My deadline is to do it before I die. In the meantime, I’m learning to enjoy the twiddling of my thumbs over the keys again.

My day has been book ended by brilliance. This morning, I read the first page of this year's Halloween special and was thrilled to see a Whedon-verse reference. And now, at the end of my day, I am reading this. I love the people in my life. I feel so at home right now. Thank you.

I am intrigued by the jettisoned project. Maybe a resurrection in the future?

"just writing for the sake of writing, for the sake of getting the story out of my head and onto the page."

That is a great idea! :) Have fun with it!!

Talk about timing! See link to today's Post.


Take your time. Your true friends and fans will wait as long as it takes...just please don't write a romance novel, and please don't let me see it in line at Walmart! Kidding, kidding. But really, please don't.

You said you wanted to write something great. You did--Girlbomb and Have You Found Her. And guess what? You did it before you died. Congrats!

But seriously--your plans sound great. I am inspired by you. I like this:
"...even when all I do is churn out crap, because I know that, even though nothing’s happening right now, nothing will ever happen if I don’t at least show up and try."

Right now all I'm doing is blogging, but at least I'm showing up.

Aw come on, write a romance novel. I totally dare you.

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