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Coolness. I usually save Fridays for random posting stuff so I've already started typing out the post including a link to your story. :)

I don't spend much time on Nerve, but I'm guessing anyone arriving via a Google search for "girl meets toy" may be looking for something different.

Brilliant, Janice.

Eric, I thought the same. I should have called this piece, "Emotional Vibrator."

Thanks, Satia and Linda.

I really need to update this blog.

i just finished Girlbomb and all i can say is wow...amazing...so much of your description reminds me of me and things I've gone through. the part towards the end where you wrote; why did i fuck this up? why do i always fuck things up? why can't i just be happy with what i have? why do i always want more? god that really sounds familiar :) anyway this book was incredible i couldnt put it down. and i immediately came to this website to see if you have more books...i'm getting have you found her asap. keep writing janice!

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