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I know right!

I'm speechless.

That's a pretty fierce Joan impression.
We're currently in the midst of season two, but having to pace ourselves because we have "MadMen Watch Parties" (ok, really just another couple that comes over to watch) and our schedules cannot seem to sync up enough...and it is HARD knowing all those episodes are just waiting...

And now I'm going to have repress the urge to get right up in Lee's face and yell "I know, RIGHT!!" all the time. He thanks you for that.

I have never heard of Mad Men so now I will have to go ask my children and look even more lame than I already do.

In the meantime, I missed the last Bilge Show so I'm playing catch up. Can you please explain to me how you post so much when I am on an internet hiatus? That's really not fair.

Oh great, thanks for making marriage look totally practicable. I mean, I'm expecting it to be awful, but at least you're not actually physically hitting each other. But thanks for saying "a million tons of fucking."

Okay, you guys are just strange.... I love it!

This is the sole key to a healthy marriage, speaking of.

I think you mean "HELL-thy."

What's with the Sour Cream 'n Chive Pringles snap? They're timeless, alright? Jeez.

Hilarious; great chemistry, delivery and content wrapped up with an awesome new catchphrase and several of that catchphrase's close relatives.

Please don't skip a week of Bilge or I will have withdrawal.

& you guys know what that feels like, being deprived of your new favorite show.

I'm over that catchphrase already.


Bilge is so great that I am coming out of my lurker/reader mode to comment...I love Bilge!

You guys crack me up...you better keep making Bilge!

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