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I loved so much of this post, too much to even try to specify which parts. Just all of it.
I agree, once you start writing about yourself it's hard to stop. I can't seem to, anyway. Now, if I could figure out a way to have it put soymilk in my fridge...er, it would have to be chocolate soy milk (light, of course!).
Thanks for writing about yourself, and do keep it up.
Sorry you're been sick. It truly sucks.

I've been sick too. Maybe it isn't Munchhausen's but some sort of weird sympathy things crossing the miles . . . or something like that.

And isn't it funny how kitties that hide at the oddest times will come out when it is the least safe? Honestly. One would think that they would know how to avoid danger when they avoid everything else. Except food. They never ever avoid food. Or catnip.

"A window blew inwards and smashed. I’d opened a portal to the outside world, and didn’t properly seal it, and it broke inside, leaving a hole and a mess and a blast of frost."

And then you replace the broken "glass" with stronger and wiser "glass". And the next time the wind blows, you'll be protected and unafraid of the outside.

You're the best, Janice.

Janice, you amaze me. You are so brave, strong, and talented. I think you're right about exposing too much, because if "others" are included in that exposure, they may take offense and create problems. That was certainly a message for you, especially with the window guy reiterating it verbally. You never know how someone else will react to being included in your exposures.

Keep doing what you do and know that now the “window” is newly secured, and you have become more perceptive about sharing.

If wising up means hearing less of your truth, please never do :)

I think it's pretty damn wise to tell the truth out loud. You writing what you're compelled to write, even in the face of doubt and critics, helps people do the same. You help other people not feel so alone in the world.

And really, who hasn't done things that make us cringe?

I just wanted to say I really enjoy your writing. I read both of your books in a day and a half. I look forward to more!

I could not possibly know a greater group of supportive commenters. Thank you.

What happened to the post you put up yesterday morning?

I thought better of it. What with the whole "closing my windows" policy, and all. Sorry about that, and sorry posting's been light. I still don't know how to balance talking about myself with...not talking about myself so much. I appreciate your patience as I figure it out.

i loved the book girl bomb, it was so amazing!!!!! and when it was over.... i was sad cus i wanted it to keep going on. and it got really intence too. but thats wat made it soo amazing!!!!!!! i hope your other books are just like it. my mom thought i waas crazy to choose it over twighlight, but i was sure of wat i wanted from the back of the book!!!!! it was amazing and it was the firstbook that never bored me to death!!!!!!!!! i am sure i will read have you found her!!!!!!!!!! it looks sooooo gooood !!!!!

keep writing,


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