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Yeah me too.

You are fantastic. That's all.

Yeah, I'd so much rather read about social evils and sustainable living than be wildly entertained by your vlogging...NOT!

Ok, you can use the pseudonym "Janice Timberlake" only until I'm ready to use it haha ;)But then again that will only happen "once in every pink and purple moon"...Thanks for being a horrible blogger!!

How dare you not blog more often?! I need to be amused.

Janice Timberlake, eh? I agree with this wholeheartedly.

We should all drop off the grid and go 100% green but alas, there is America's Next Top Model to watch. I don't watch Idol, but I do watch ANTM, and then read the TVWoP recap to boot! As if I need to pour over the minutiae even more.

PS Do you watch Madmen? It rocks and will get your feminist juices boiling.

You could at least blame your anomie on the rigors of heteronormative marriage, at least.

I think we should have a contest for worse blogger because I'm pretty sure you don't come close to my suckage.

At least you occasionally post something personal. I just post book reviews and such. I wrote a rant about vaginas but I haven't had the balls to post it.

aha, i DO feel better! after my month long blog block and suckage (would that be called bluckage?) and not even commenting on mary's blog, i am no longer alone.

i am lazy and watch ANTM as well. or maybe it's just an allergic reaction to the twitter phenomenon. twitter jitters create massive existential angst as to whether your own daily life makes a poo. "annoyed by all that twittering? neglect your blogging - that'll show 'em!" yeah, i'm going to let everyone as use that excuse whenever they need it.

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