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It's a totally great idea that scares me.

I'll miss reading your writing but am excited for you :) Enjoy your time! Will be curious to hear how things go.

Good Luck!!!

Does this mean you'll have more time for lunch with old friends?

You'll be sorely missed fer sure...but I completely understand the needed break. I hope it is restful and restorative.

before you go, or when you come back- i just wanted to say I have just finished 'have you found her' which i had immediately purchased after i read girlbomb. I'm glad you have a blog because your writing totally inspires me and i wish more people could write like you. Its so hard to come by these days to read a actual GOOD book. so thanks for feeding my brain with your words. totally. rad.

Sigh. It's hard out here on the world wide web without Janice.

I agree w/ everyone you will be missed, but I'm sure it will recharge you and it will be great!!!! The world revolves around their computers so it will be a good change of pace to live life before the internet :)

Hi there.

This may be my 4th comment here ever.

I haven't been keeping up with blogs for a long, long time. But tonight, I saw a young actress who looks exactly like you. I so promise.

And, I came here to comment, but found that you're not actually "here", and am trying to decide if I should post this now, or wait until....there it is - August 19th.

Okay, I decided I'll go ahead and post now. And you *will* absolutely want to read this comment.

Zoe Stone-Molloy:

With care and gratitude (again) for your fantastic writing....

I just came across this entry by chance in a search for like-minded souls out there. I realize this was a year ago already that you did this, but I was thinking you might be interested in a similar experiment I just started. Not so extreme to take it to two months at a time, but rather to incorporate a break from the internet into my life on a regular basis. http://logmeoutblog.wordpress.com/

That said, I like your web site's design and your story sounds incredible.

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