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i know you know this, but we are being redundant: we're here when you want us and wait when you aren't. eventhough sometimes we aren't here when we can't be and try to catch up later. i guess lately i feel "linkedin" in the ways that matter most and the rest are nice-to-have's. so here's a hug and a halo (yes, you can haz).

You know I love to read every single thing you write.

Yes, we are here Miss Janice! And we ain't goin anywhere either. We'll be here for Bilge (although I can't watch it, because the damn connection at this hotel is so temperamental) and we'll definitely be here for every single word you place on this blog.

I'm here, Janice.

Very interesting article. I agree with the sentiments.They really enhance the presentation so much.

I can relate to most of the sentiments and feelings you describe...though my experience is much shorter than yours as a full time writer, and my limited computer access narrows the window that I have to sit and stare at the screen waiting for my muse to stop goofing off....lol. I will be checking in as often as I am able to though.

But my work habits are pretty well set. They could always get better, but I don’t think that blogging regularly is something I need to do for exercise anymore. I still write on a near-daily basis.

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