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"Just write a bunch of shit, and then pan it for gold." Love that line. Also like the idea of it taking that many pages to "clear your throat." Actually, I hate that it's true, but appreciate the metaphor.

And you're back. And your memoiring. And obviously I was still lurkig in the corners, waiting for something miraculous like a new post.

May I breathe now?

Oh yeah--you're back! As always, a post filled with insight and inspiration.

I owe you an email :)

I so know your pain. I'd been worried my final act didn't really fit with the rest of my WIP. Finally I decided - it's quirky and a totally unpredictable journey ... and wrong. I have to junk the entire final third of the manuscript and do it again (in addition to the usual wastage that happens with drafts anyway). But I know it's the right decision.

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