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I miss your daily blog entries so very much that sometimes I revisit the old ones, just to get my fix, but I understand why they are so rare these days.

I think your idea of opening up your corner of the 'internets' to other writers you admire is a brilliant idea. I can't wait to be introduced to all that wealth!

Of course, it must be said, though I love this new idea of guest writers, I'm really waiting on the new book -- not very patiently, either, now that the readings are gearing up! And while I am discovering and reading your recommendations, maybe you can sneak in a little of your own missives and blogs and such too?

Kirsten, as one of the primary Awesome Women I Met Through Girlbomb, I'm going to ask you to be one of those guest writers -- you up for it?

And I'm hoping to become a daily blogger again, for reals. The book is a loooooong way from being finished, much less published, so I hope that blog posts will suffice in the meantime...

Here is a thought and I don't know if it would work or not but what if you were to look at a past journal (a year ago) and cull content from that? You might want to say "This was me a year ago" or maybe not. I don't know. But it seems that distance is a great filter for some things.

In the meantime, I definitely think you should recommend books because I am still recommending Erasure to people. At least I am when I'm not turning my mother onto Jeanette Winterson.

Talk about crazy!!!

For some people this blog is a much appriciated life line, a chance to hear from a person who has also survived a less than sane adolesence.I have to think that in the case of writing about daily struggle and survival, the more the merrier. When there are more people out in the world willing to share their experiences, there will be more people who will be more aware of the hardships in the relationships between parents and their children and even the hardships of day to day life in the world as a single person, alone. Having guest writers is an excellent idea.

Satia, thanks for the journal idea. I'm leaning in that direction. And Kristina, thanks for your very encouraging words. Your comments go a long way towards keeping me inspired.

Dare I say this post made me a little verklempt? Welp it did.

I love reading your stuff and have for so long and I will wait how ever long it takes for the new book to make it on to the shelevs.

Speaking of book recs - have you read this book -
The Center Cannot Hold, by Elyn Saks? If you are intersted in mental illness and memoirs this is a must read, this woman is amazing - This book took my breath away.

Dear Janice,

I'm here. Patiently waiting.

With Love,

I just saw this! Yes, I'm up for the challenge, of course! In fact, I am honored, humbly so...

plus, I have great faith in your editorial skills! ;^)

Shall I write about how having a baby brings up all your shit? And how having my mother come back into my life right before my son was born is a total mind-fuck?

This post was so good! I consider myself one of the people who is only kept going by your encouraging words on some days. I am so glad that you help out us "other girl bombs"! Thank you for everything you do!

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