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My email had an alert for a new blog post and I got all kinds of excited. So I clicked over and gone.


You know, you can feel free to email all this personal stuff to me. I promise not to tell. I won't even blog about it.

I have to get over my damn self! Who cares if most of what I write is personally and professionally ill-advised? That's my shtick!

Also, please see the new post -- interested in contributing?

Sure. But you have to give me a topic to narrow me down because you know that I never ever lack for ideas and if left to myself I'll get blocked not because I can't think of anything but because I am thinking of too much.

May I write about how crazy my mother is? Or maybe the dogs? The dogs are crazy. Rob is crazy too. He married me and then he quit smoking. Seriously? I honestly think he should have timed these things a little better, don't you?

You can email these things to me privately too. I miss you <3

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