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Would you believe that I just had that exact conversation with my wife last night? I'd much rather spend my last moments playing Mass Effect and drinking tequila than running through the streets, trying to hide from hordes of undead that want to eat my brains.

Yeah. Ever since someone pointed out that you see a white light when you faint too pretty much blew the whole near death experience for me. Maybe if I had never fainted. But I had. More than once. (You know, this actually reinforces the whole "I do not belong in this century" theory I've been pondering of late.)

And I'm with you--I've always wanted it to be over and done with quickly. I blame it all the post-apocalyptic literature I read when I was an adolescent. And George A Romero.

from george romero - not THAT one, but the bestgalpal of roseviolet - hehehehehe:

that moment when you realized everyone would die? i was twitching and screaming too... only out loud. yeesh. it's like the moment you realize what infinity really means and can't quite wrap your mind around it without needing to eat cookies. lots of cookies. reminds me of one of my favorite plays, thom pain. there is no raffle. :)

good to see you out in the bloggy woggy again.

This happened to me once in a car accident. My reaction to the whole outside my body experience was more funny and cynical than soothing. I sat, looking at my body, mangled in the crash, one week before the end of term, and thought, "Heh, well, the upside is I won't have to take finals now."

But, I've also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum when I felt my body literally dying after a surgery gone very wrong. As organ after organ shut down, lying in intensive care, all around me in a quandary over how to stop it, the absolute hysteria, panic, dread, and terror was so all-encompassing that to this day, when I see a condemned person in a film, I feel so sick to my stomach and anxious with fear, I can not look. I keep telling myself it isn't real, but it takes everything in me to get through those scenes. I truly white-knuckle it through.

I can not tell you how horrifying "The Stoning of Soraya M." was for me. I still have nightmares about it constantly. Probably even more so because it was real.

Yeah... I'm not interested in living on the run from the zombies either. I am so happy to be enjoying your writing again dear!

I just want you to know that I check this blog obsessively every single time I log into my computer. I've read this post three times. I hope that you update soon! It would be like Christmas came early...

Katy, you may want to refresh next time you check the page. I think you're having a problem my computer has and your cache is pulling up a previous page without updating the content. A quick refresh should solve the problem.

I guess now I just have to hope you read the comments as diligently as you check the page. Everyone cross your fingers.

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