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girlbomb is an amazing book i juss wanted to let u know dat...dat book made me cry and u r ma rolemodel i would loooove to meet u in person one day

I feel the same way, Janice. Hands tied. Powerless.

You said it so perfectly...I cannot even stand to think about the oil spill but yet how can I NOT think about it. It hurts my heart and brain to think about it...I'm ashamed of the human race sometimes (OK, a lot of the time).
I hope your hands feel better soon.

Just because the testimony is given with a British accent doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about or should be trusted.

Thankfully the board has now agreed and the limey bastard has been fired. Hopefully, someone with brains more than pocket-book will come in with true rationale and answers.

Their greed is killing our Earth.

It is all so horrible.

I have a question, how do us teenage girls who are attempting to understand life, escape from it all safely? My dad and my mom both drink, and my stepmom takes it out on my siblings, but what am I supposed to do? I don't want to drink or do drugs or run away, but what do I do? How do we go about this?

Maura, I posted something on your Tumblr, but the answer is to talk to a teacher or guidance counselor at school, or some other adult you trust in a position of authority, and ask them to help you leave home safely and legally. I'm glad you don't want to do drugs, drink, or run away. I hope so much that things will get better for you.

How could one not feel as you do about the spill?

And Maura... listen to Janice. As usual, she is right. I also hope so much that things will get better for you. You deserve the best!

Janice, I feel the same way that you do, but I feel like I need to help in some way. I can't stand feeling powerless. Is there anything you know of that I can do to help? I live in Ohio, nowhere near where I can help with clean-up. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again in the future?

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