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A zine? Seriously? I mean, really? I just finished reading a book about zines and was talking to someone else about zines and now you too?

I thought about emailing you but then I thought that would just be silly. I mean, my writing to say "Hey, I heard you're in pain and I hate this for you" would be like my writing "Nanananana, I can type and you can't."

Hmmmm . . . I guess leaving a comment is not unlike my thumbing my nose in your general direction. "Look what I can do!"

Does my adding a "Get well sooner" make up for the rest? I hope so.

BTW, a certain mutually mothering woman suggested I send you some simple exercises, not that you won't be shown the same stretches and such by some medical professional but when I slow down this weekend I will be sending you an email. And I promise--I will not ramble endlessly about things to which you cannot respond. I'll wait to write that email when you are feeling oh so much better.

Elaine, Jay and I all wish you a speedy recovery.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Eric is my hero for posting that Seinfeld link in the above comment! Total awesomeness.

And I'm so sorry you're out of commission--it truly sucketh. I wish you the speediest of speedy recoveries!

Satia always says things so damn well. I just wanna say 'ditto' or 'what she said' but that is so lame. And the Seinfeld link is great.

I'll call to give you my get well wishes to keep you from having to deal with the keyboard... how about that?

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