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I feel that way sometimes. And I understand your frustration. I wish I could help. All I can think to do is send you healing thoughts and energy. I'm skeptical about such things (as I suspect you are too) but it can't hurt can it? Skeptic or no?

Absolutely DO NOT shut up! You're all that's keeping some of us going! :)

I'm sending you positive energy as well!

Ha. I don't think the universe will EVER want you to shut up!
I sent you an email but it came from a weird account--my 'professional' one. If you can call me that, that is.


If anyone is interested, I just started my own blog that I thought Janice's readers might have an interest in. If you have a second, take a peek! (And if not...that's okay, too. Just putting it out there.)


Great job with the new blog, Katy! Keep it up, and we'll solicit you to write for Girlbomb!

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