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Yay on the whole new blog thing, etc. Boo on the ongoing pain. You know, I remember a woman saying something about her cancers being the result of some latent Catholic guilt so she ended up losing all of her sexual bits and pieces to cancer.

Are you sure you aren't Catholic?

Hurts so good eh? I love to read what you write but hate the thought of you in physical pain dear.

I also sleep on my hands & touch my face all the time. Waking up with numbness & tingling throughout my arms & hands sucks but I just can't help myself. I can't sleep on my back... side only... often waking on stomach though that doesn't happen much these days since there's 3 of us in the bed.

Anyhoo... I think the changes you've made are great. Keep it up. And call me... I can massage your hands & give you stretching & exercise ideas that just might help.

@Satia... you know Jews do the guilt thing VERY well.

@Stana In my family the joke is that we get it coming and going because the Jews give guilt and the Catholics carry it. (It's a lot funnier if you know the family. Trust me. I'm personally surrounded and am beginning to think I should just declare myself an atheist rather than pick sides.)

@Satia ~ It's funny weather you know 'em or not. And I'd say don't pick a side... how about a back or a belly? Guilt sucks! And not in a good way ;^)

Stana, I can't wait to come see you next week, and to meet Devin. Devine!

And Satia, I can't possibly imagine who -- I mean, what -- you could mean by that joke!

I'm pleased as punch to be contributing to the fortcoming Girlbomb site. And, Janice, get well soon. I'll be sending you a Hallmark Mahogany card soonly.

Wow! Great changes, and good for you for being an active citizen and making lifestyle changes to help to change the world. That's more than a lot of people do. You're an inspiration to me!

I do that too -- the sleeping on my hands thing. Everyone makes fun of me for it. I sleep with hands curled up under my chin, just under my cheek, like an infant. I also sleep with my body in the fetal position. All in all, it's a pretty pathetic sight for a grown-ass woman.

More importantly, I am sorry you are still feeling such pain in your hands. I wish I had a solution for you. As a Lupus/CREST/Interstitial fibrosis bitch, I have no cures to recommend, but I would like to offer the following subtle observation about the emergence of said pain, the timing of which is a tad suspect, mother-pain theory not withstanding...

Um, if you look back, the aches seem to have appeared suspiciously close in time to the cut-back of a certain organic (medical, in some states) substance relationship. Ironically, said substance is recommended to treat said pain. [shrug]

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