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You can't fool me, you aren't 50 yet. I'm not 50 yet and I'm ahead of this aging game by a few years. So stop making me older by making yourself older.

And to be honest, all I know of Lady Gaga is what I skim in headlines of articles I don't read and the occasional media shot on the red carpet. As for her music or message or anything else, I am clueless.

Which proves that I am well and truly older than you. And I am not yet 50 dammit!

Trust me, compared to everyone else there? Fifty.

OK, not only are you NOT 50 but you LOOK about 20 in that photo. Seriously--I must know your skincare regimen!

So glad you had a great time! I love live music and your description of that concert reminds me of a time when I was much, much younger and went and saw Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour....ahhhh, the good old days :) I'm totally out of the loop on Lady Gaga.

Lady gaga seems so strange, crazy and even sort of delusional, but when you get to know her by interviews, concerts and some online articles you get to know that she has much more than the public can see...she is a great person!

Suprisingly, one of the more flattering pictures of me taken recently. Lady Gaga was amazing. What a thrilling show and I have so much more respect for her now. Perhaps one day, she and I will grab some Taco Bell while in our sweat pants, and watch Buffy. Until then, Ala ala handro, ala ala handro.

It never dawned on me that homelessness could be another awful side effect of homophobia. I appreciate you opening my eyes to that ... and for making me consider giving Lady GaGa another look :)

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