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Janice: I admire your candor in Girlbomb. I love that book. As someone who made some nasty mistakes in my early 20s, I know how it is to feel regret, but at the same time use it for good.

As a detox counselor in Boston, I talk about my mistakes (the drugs, the club promoting, the "friends," etc.) and I hope my clients can learn a bit from them. I know I learned (and am still learning) from them.

Thanks again for Girlbomb.

I would write more but I have a fever. I read it. All. I appreciate this. I think some lessons can be taught vicariously--learn from my mistakes, etc. I also have people tell me all the time, "She's young and she'll change her mind" when I tell them that my daughter doesn't want to have children. I know better. She really doesn't. And that's okay. I don't think she'll ever regret the choice to not have children.

Your one cool chick, you're writing says it all... As they say, you've come a long way baby!!!

Not being able to remember what you've gone into the bathroom for, unfortunately is not merely a byproduct of using PCP-- it's called perimenopause and it only gets worse. I walk around looking for my brain all the time and it's MIA. I suppose PCP makes a better cautionary tale than "your IQ is going to drop 50 points when you hit menopause." :P

Kids inocculating for regret - that's hilarious. Because I am so looking forward to the questions when they're teenagers and the "do as I suggest, not as I did" directive sure to follow.

So, you know how I feel about you, your book, your writing - geunine, necessary and thankful for it ... that being said, I can appreciate the regret and respect your ability to own it alongside the positive things because that's real too.

The bullshit magnet? Well, I've seen that with a roller coaster picutred in the background, not a syringe and rubber hose ... less catchy, I think.

I also pick scabs and use the blood to write with, I find it helps me and other people to hear the truth and that we are, none of us, alone.

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