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OMG... no, wait, not an appropriate exclamation considering the high-brow subject matter.

Oh, my God... better.

I thought I was the only closet Dickens reader. Another reason I adore you, Janice.

That's so funny. I debated back and forth . . . Dickens or Austen? Dickens or Austen?

I decided Austen and next year I'll be dedicating the year to reading Austen but Dickens is next in 2012. Not that I can't read both but next year has other issues and between Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and Dickens 2012 may prove to be the most fun I've had reading in ages.

Of course, I have to finish everything before 12/26, right? I mean, I wouldn't want to be in the middle of something really great only to end up facing the apocalypse and going, "But I have 100 more pages to go!"

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