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Oh me oh my.

Your last paragraph? Complete and utter DITTO.

As usual, I am flabbergasted by your brilliance and your talent, not necessarily in that order.

You shouldn't have voted McCain/Palin in 2008, then.

This is great! Can't wait for the book.

PS My father is always, pridefully, telling people that my mother -- during the campaign -- was once mistaken for Palin... as if that were a compliment. [shudder]

Hilarious...I laughed so hard! I can't understand why people are paying attention to that Palin woman. If EVERYONE would just ignore her, maybe she'll go away!? She aggravates the hell outta me. Her voice is like the sound of nails across a chalk board!

The wide open smile and plastic hair . . . I think I've seen that somewhere before. Oh yeah. On a Barbie doll. Hmmmm . . . another reason why my granddaughter will never ever get a Barbie doll from this side of the family.

My mother once had an outgoing voice message on her phone that I still love to this day:

I can't come to the phone right now because I'm busy trying to find a cure for Replicanism. Oh, I know, you probably think I should find a cure for cancer but really everyone has to die but nobody has to be a Republican.

I love my mother who never ever has looked like Sarah Palin.

Obviously your mother needs a new neurologist. Clearly the one she has doesn't believe in education or intelligence (did you actually see a diploma on his wall) OR is in suffering from some type of dementia or major mental illness?
As for looking like that 1/2 term governor who quit to be a diva- I think I'd go with, "my mother looks like Tina Fey"--the Palin thing is too nauseating.
PS Did you see Palin clones are popping up, even dumber than she has? One got elected Delawarians thinking with the wrong part of their anatomies (anantomies she that are not to be self pleasured,BTW)

I just finished your book, Girlbomb. Very insightful as to the emotional turmoil of the late teen, early twenties period of life that moved me a great deal.

Sad to see that the end result of your journey led you to cookie cutter, brainless, I hate Republicans liberalism. (I see you are reinforced by your fans, as well.)

Hopefully, you'll grow up someday.

funeral guy is a dick.

I read your book. Lots of talent, but even more anger. I will pray for you...

I don't know who made me laugh more... funeral guy or Swimmers51.

You do draw them out, Janice! Hilarious!

PS Should we take seriously someone with so little knowledge of basic grammar rules?

PPS I must add, you're a pretty lucky chick having a prayer circle of your very own. I just have a curse circle.

Stana...is it the fact that I am a dick or that I have a dick that bothers you most?

Speaking of dicks, the slutty teenage girl parts of your story were quite arousing. Please write a sequel with more of this kind of thing. Slowwwwwlllyy and with lots of detail. Yum.

Kirsten, I don't think one person praying qualifies as a circle. But it's a good start, if you're into that sort of thing. I think.

@Satia: What? You don't think funeral guy is praying for her too? He's gonna lose his teabagger card if he's not careful.

Kirsten, I never give credit where it's simply not due and anyone who doesn't even have the balls to give a real name is probably not spending a lot of time on his knees before God. I figure if he doesn't step up and say "This is what I'm doing" I am not bound to believe he's doing anything at all. I'm a skeptic.

Funeral guy loves Jesus and America! That's why he commented above to ask for underaged pornography.

Ahhh . . . but loving Jesus doesn't imply prayer for you, Janice. Sorry. I'm still unconvinced.

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