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J - you've earned your happy ... that's how I feel in Prague. Home. Welcome back and happy writing ...

James Pennebaker's research suggests that when we write about our experiences the emotional energy undergirding the situation is lessened. So when writing about a past traumatic experience or writing through a more immediate grief, pouring out the pain/anger/frustration/etc helps those feelings to be softer, more manageable. Interestingly, the same holds true for the good experiences--falling in love or having a lovely time with friends and family. As you write about the experiences, the emotions get softer, less intense.

I thought it was interesting because when I look back at my journals and all I see is misery and despair I sit there thinking, "But I was happy. Maybe not giddy or joyous but I wasn't this miserable." I think most people would say I'm a happy person but you certainly couldn't tell it by reading my journals.

Oh . . . and welcome home!

Congrats on being happy!

As one of those people currently experiencing the aftershocks of an affair, I almost feel as if you wrote the line below for me.

"imagine my life as something different than what it's always been"

As always, thank you.

I'll move with you and I can even teach you French.

When we went to London in 2005 our hotel smelled like ass. Other than that it was a great trip.

I'll be just over the Channel on the outskirts of London... that is, when I win the lottery.

We can visit each other! You'll visit me in my 300-year-old cottage and bring me buttery pastries and Camembert cheese. I'll bring you Rose's chocolates and Marmite and crash on the floor of your artist loft.

And we'll both keep writing about our god-awful mothers.

Welcome back, Janice!

You should check out Austin--there's plenty of wide open space here :)
Glad you're back and rejuvenated and...happy.

let's go! (if I can talk the hubby into it that is)

Love this pic of you, and always love reading your words.

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