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My hands on my sculpture, my eyes closed
never have enough time, and nothing else matters
there's a movie I want to see
miss my old life but it seems the wind blew all the leaves off the tree
got to go to the supermarket, pedaling furiously, trying to get the 10 miles done
driving my truck, squinting because my contacts make the lights halo
lucky bullet, forty dollars and I gained 4 pounds
Ils sont changer ma chanson, mom, and I just want to sleep
I almost lost it because i lost the internet signal
It's just a freight train headed your way
I was going to suggest that while hugging my oldest friend
cigarette lighter, holy water, baby pictures
Beautiful, beautiful boy
Forever's gonna start tonight

WOW, WOW, WOW. I love it!

Thanks. I enjoyed doing it. I cheated and took 10 minutes though.

This is a fun exercise! It can lead to some pretty interesting prose.

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