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"Bless you" is another way of saying "I love you and I'm glad you're in my life." It isn't really about God or religion. It's more about our connectiveness as people.


You have expressed perfectly -- as always -- the gratitude I also feel in knowing you. I often stop myself to gaze in awe over the fact that we have forged this friendship. I never would have imagined when I bought that first book (first printing, yo!) that I would count you amongst the most intimate of my friends, they being those with whom I trust my deepest, darkest thoughts.

I am grateful to you and for you each and every single day. May the year of the rabbit -- which, ironically, is also the feature attire on the cover of that first printing -- be as wonderful as your most desired dreams.

Bless you right back, from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for lunch, thanks for sharing, thanks for listening, and wow--you will always be the second person EVER to see *the* photos :) :) :) :)
You're a beautiful person, inside and out.

PS Stay warm! I think we got out just in time....though I would have loved to see the snow!

In the south, saying "bless you" has a far more insidious significance, one of which I was completely unaware.

But I remain a damn yankee and I calls 'em as I sees 'em and if someone says bless you, regardless of their unkind intentions, I take it all at face value.

Stay where you are. It's a good place. And, as Lasty said, stay warm. Brrrr . . . even we had snow on Christmas. Crazy!

I love what you wrote. I don't think we tell people enough that we're grateful they are in our lives. To me gratitude is a great anecdote for the blues. I can be bummed that I only got one holiday gift or I can be happy that I got a gift. I choose happiness.

BTW-- I thought "bless you" was something folks said when others sneeze?

Love this. And consider you a blessing in my life -

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