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I think you're probably just prejudiced against ASSHOLES....

That is so funny because one of my nano attempts had three main characters and I had hoped to write their intertwined stories in such a way that the reader would be sympathetic to all three. As it turned out, I hated the man, most especially, because I had written him with no redeeming qualities. A narcissist with a need to validate himself through sex and manipulation. But then I didn't really like the older female character either who was a self-destructive passive-aggressive loser. And the younger woman was worse--boring.

And yet the other day I was thinking about this same story and thinking . . . what if? What if I wrote it from a different p-o-v? What if he were this rather than that and if she were more like this and not so much that?

Pfft. I should spend my time learning how to edit my writing rather than create more writing. I have too much written clutter already.

Face the fear and do it anyway. (Hey! There's a book with that title, isn't there?) And remember, you always have us here, your cheering section! Yay Janice! Go team!

Yay team! Go all of us! :)

Oh dear. Are you saying I should be writing instead of reading your blog? Your priorities are confusing me.

Ok really weird, cause I swear I read Portnoy's Complaint at age 13 or so also...J - did this abet in our trajectory towards dating douchebags??

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