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Provocative. Definitely something to ponder because it's true and I can't even say that I haven't found myself being more gracious or less gracious depending upon what I know, or perceive, about the other person.

I just had a discussion this evening about propaganda being increasingly more effective on someone who can relate to the champion within the propaganda. It doesn't have to be true, the diatribe being championed, just that one believes it about oneself. For instance, Nazi propaganda regarding a "master race"... the ridiculousness of the verbiage was effective despite its ridiculousness not because it was true that they were members of a "master race" and, therefore, should be protective of that status, but because they want to believe it about themselves, which is ironic, if you think about it. The "master race", apparently, is really a bunch of unintelligent lemmings.

I think that can be applied to almost any prejudgment, mass hysteria, and/or simple little prejudices we want to believe we do not possess.

Personally, my prejudgments hover around Walmart patrons... Again, a fount of irony since I actually shop at Walmart myself.

Interesting post. I'm an agnostic pagan with a strong bias against born again Christians, but I'm not sure if that counts as a prejudgment since I grew up in the middle of the Bible Belt and took an awful lot of abuse from them.

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