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I once had a jaw dropping experience at the mall. I was there to pick up my son and it was late, about the time the mall closed (because he worked there so I was there late, typically avoiding malls otherwise).

Anyway, I'm walking along quickly to where he works when I see this girl who is so stunningly beautiful I not only felt my jaw drop but I literally stumbled a bit as I was walking. I caught myself quickly (ahhhh . . . back before I had vertigo) and managed to close my mouth but I couldn't help wondering what a young girl that stunning was doing walking around this particular mall.

Which really has nothing to do with anything really except I should be working too but I'm not. I'm reading your blog.

Janice, you are my enabler.

i was pretty disappointed by the new life form--i expected bacteria, but i hoped it was from mars or something. at least mono lake looks like mars.

Janice! I can't wait to finish my studies, I'm so damned tired.

I was puttering around my room when I heard that announcement on the news and became still. It was disappointing to hear it was only bacteria. But logically speaking or not logically speaking, it would be awfully silly to think there are no other life forms out there. The Universe is vast. Who knows what's out there. But I will tell you, if we don't get it together already, we will destroy ourselves and this planet. It makes me so sad. This world has become so cruel. :(


We do NOT want aliens to find us. They will not be nice.

I don't know why people are disappointed in the life from turning out to be bacteria. It's still a more advanced life form than racists or tea baggers.

Wait. Was that redundant?

life FORM, not from


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