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I am so in!
Thanks for posting these - it's late so I won't ramble but I'm perhaps most impressed by how well you write what goes on inside of us as we play the roles we play to get us through ...

I spent most of this read just hating Dan and plotting how I would describe just how much I hate him in my comment when... BAM! A sudden left hook to the jaw! That last bit was a blind punch, if ever I saw one. And one million times more effective. Jesus, Janice. You sure can deliver!

See, I love Dan, isn't that crazy? I know he's a total asshole, but he's also really passionate and true to himself. He's probably the character I liked writing the best.

Comments like these make me think about rewriting the whole thing into, you know, an actual BOOK.

Pleeeeeease do! And, no, I won't write my own damn book bogarting your characters.

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