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Does this mean we have to ask you when you and Bill are going to have a baby? I mean, what intrusively inappropriate questions are left?

When Rob's brother announced he was engaged and breathed a huge sigh of relief because I knew people would stop asking him when he would ask me to marry him. I told Rob "We have at least until the first anniversary to enjoy ourselves."

Lucky for us, they announced they were pregnant just around their first anniversary. Ha! Another six months of freedom and then a year after the baby was born.

They stopped having babies. Rob and I got married. thankfully, I'm too old to make babies so people don't bother asking.

The question I get asked a lot: Do your children all have the same mother?

I always want to say, "Yes but not the same grandparents." I figure that should confuse people. And really, if you don't know me well enough to know the answer to that then it's none of your damn business but boy do I feel old when I wonder . . . when did this become a typical question to ask a woman who has more than one child?

Really? WTF?


We just love you.

"You want another book, go write your own." Priceless!

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