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You're right to be pleased with your 1500 words. Brilliant as always.

You are truly an amazing writer.

You know, when I first started dating my first husband, he used to tell me he was going to die at the age of 24. He knew this because some psychic told him so. I would roll my eyes at him and not think twice about it.

Years later I would realize that my first marriage would have ended much more smoothly and happily if he had died when he was 24.

Missed opportunities.

They say the sins of the father shall be visited upon their sons but actually it's their daughters. I stayed in a bad marriage far too long because it fulfilled a need that wasn't met as a child. He also loved me more than anybody else and for me that was emotional oxygen. I couldn't live without it. I still have the occasional moment of missing it so bad that I have to remind myself how to breathe.

Laura . . . that's beautiful. That last sentence is so luscious. I'm glad a forgot I had read this post already and came back to reread it.

Oh, how I recognize those feelings, those emotions, those discoveries of truths so simple and self-evident, it's incomprehensible how every single person I've ever known doesn't SEE things the way I see them, from the perspective of my new safety, my new love, my new place in this world. See? I fit! I fit because I am loved, and because these beautiful drugs make me the key in the lock that used to be the world---closed and impenetrable. But not anymore. And my guy had the same platinum hair (his was natural, and stopped me dead in my tracks the minute I first saw him)---that really got me when I read the book. Oh man---at times, reading certain passages of both your books took me right out of 2011 and sent me back to MY times...different years from yours, but absolutely everything else was so similar, it was almost surreal to realize and acknowledge that I was, in fact, reading YOUR memories and YOUR recollections of how you felt (or tried to not feel)...we have had uncannily parallel experiences in our lives. Love, ecstasy, belonging. What is death compared to that?

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